Eastern Athletic Packet

Every student athlete must complete an Eastern Athletics Initiation Packet and KHSAA Physical before joining any Eastern athletic program.

Link: 2020-2021 EHS-Physical-Packet

  • New KHSAA Physical Exam Portion
    • New KHSAA Physical Form (6 pages)- Revised as of 8/1/2019
    • Completed by physician, along with athlete and parents/guardians.
    • Must be marked as “Cleared for all sports without restriction” by physician.
    • Completed once per calendar year must be on file at Eastern before participation may begin.  The physical will expire one year from the exam date.
    • Athlete & Parent should be aware of expiration date, especially if the physical is set to expire during the middle of a sport season.
  • Eastern Initiation Portion (5 pages)
    • JCPS Parent Permission/Release Form– Must be notarized
    • Parent / Student-Athlete Concussion Statement– concussion reference sheets are included must be signed by the parent and the student
    • JCPS Safety Video Signature Form– must be signed by the parent and the student video is available for viewing on the school website (easternhs.org)
    • Athletics/Extracurricular Participation Policy– must be signed by parent and student
    • Social Media Responsibility– must be signed by parent and student
    • Completed by athlete and parents/guardians
    • Parent Permission form must be notarized before submitting to the coach or athletic director.
    • Please read and complete each page.
    • Should be submitted along with $20 Fees Insurance.
    • Completed once per school year, before participation may begin.

For athletes with KHSAA physicals that expire in the middle to the year or season, please submit the Packet with the Initiation forms completed before your season begins and submit a revised KHSAA physical form when your expiration date arrives.