Eastern 400m Project- Track Renovation

The Track is Finished, but the Project is not Over

The Eastern Track Boosters used a loan to complete construction on the track facility.  With the loss of the entire 2020 scholastic track and field season the team is leaning back into donations to help close the gap.  The team had scheduled 15 home track meets for spring of 2020 with the goal of earning $50,000 to put into the track loan.  Donations of any size could help close the gap during this unprecedented time.

Donate to the 400m Project through GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/eastern-track-400m-project

Check out some pictures of the completed facility: https://goeasterneagles.org/photos/eastern-track-gallery/

Thanks to WAVE3 and Connie Leonard for this great story:

Link:> Team Effort Gives Eastern Runners Proper Home

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Link:> One Step at a Time

Project Purpose and Vision

The Eastern Track and Field program is a program of excellence.  From its founding it has been one of the top performing programs in Kentucky.  Under the guidance of a long line of great coaches the lives of many young men and women have been dramatically changed for the better.  Until recent renovations our track facility is the opposite of excellence.  Thanks to the tremendous effort of athletes, families, and coaches over the course of the last 3 years we will have a brand new track facility on campus for the 2019 track and field season.

After raising over $170,000 and securing a loan to finance the balance of the construction costs the of construction the Eastern Track Boosters have initiated construction in the summer of 2018.  We are still working to fundraise for the required equipment and to pay down the loan on the facility.  We are reaching out to current athletes and families, Eastern’s proud alumni, community members, future Eagle runners and their families as well as corporate sponsors and small businesses to make an impact.

We have converted the distance from 440 yards to 400 meters, resurfaced the track, improved the field event venues, and adjusted the alignment of the track to put the start/finish line on the same side as our home bleachers.

Donate to the 400m Project through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Eastern400mProject

Track Renovation Plan

Track Facility Stakeholders

It is not just the Eastern Track and Field team that relies on a high quality track and field facility.

Other track users:

  • Eastern Sports Teams- Football, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Field Hockey, Unified Track (a Special Olympics program), Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Baseball, and Softball
  • Eastern Classes and Activities- PE Classes, ROTC Classes, ROTC Raider Team, ROTC PT Tests, Marching Band Practice, Eastern Water Walk
  • Other Scholastic Groups- Hite PE, Hite Track/XC, Stopher Track/XC, Crosby Track/XC, Elementary Cluster Track Meet (11 local schools), Middle School Invitational Meet, Summer Running Camp, Elementary Meets

Potential users of the new track:

  • Community Members- fitness walking and running
  • Eastern Relays Track Meet, Eastern Senior Night, Unified Special Olympic Ahletes, AAU or USATF Summer Track Meets, more…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we need an upgraded facility?

Eastern Track and Field has a long and decorated history but our former facility did not match the excellence we expected.  Hosting home meets was a significant challenge increasing travel time for athletes and families, reducing community involvement, and eliminating economic impact in Middletown.

  • Convert track from 440yd to 400m.
  •  Align home stretch to the home side bleacher (currently it is in front of the visitor bleachers).
  • Improve rubber track surface to remove cracks and holes.
  • Upgrade field event venues to allow 2 long jump/triple jump pits, 2 high jump pits, and pole vault.


Why is this a local school booster project, not a district funded effort?

  • JCPS does not have any plans to make significant upgrades to athletic facilities at Eastern.  The vast majority of schools in the district with high-caliber athletic facilities have done so through local school fundraising and investments from alumni, parents, and community members.


How can I help?

  • Donate– In order for this project to be a success we will need donations from current athletes and families, alumni, community members, and future Eastern Eagle athletes.  Please consider donating online or using the donation form to make a donation with a check or cash.
  • Engage corporate sponsors or small businesses– Many businesses have great philanthropic arms that look to impact the community.  This project will impact not only our team and school, but the greater running community, and the Middletown community as a whole.  Please help us connect with corporate partners.
  • Share contacts-You may have contacts with corporate connection, Eastern alumni, and community members that have not heard about the project.  We invite you to share contact information with the planning committee today or share this information with others.
  • Join the team-We need volunteers to help us engage potential corporate or small business partners, and to work in networking and grassroots to spread the word to alumni and community members.


 Donations of any amount are welcome and can help the project!

The Eastern Track XC Boosters are a 501c3 non-profit and can provide a EIN and IRS Determination Letter upon request.