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Eagles News · FH: Goalie Macy Lotze sets State Saves Record

On October 17,2017, Eastern High School’s Varsity Field Hockey goalie Macy Lotze set a record for most saves in a single season.  With the original record set at 346 two years ago, Macy tops off the end of her 2017 Field Hockey season with a total of 357 saves, beating the previous record by 11.  “When I found out that I had set a record, I felt so excited and proud of myself.  I knew that this was such a big moment for me,” Macy recalls.

For the 2017 season, the Eastern Varsity field hockey team was coached by Eastern alumni, Sydney Katz and Leah Hotchkiss.  The season was very successful, with key moments such as the South Oldham game that went into three rounds of penalty strokes, and ended with Eastern being victorious, 7-6.  During this game alone, Macy had 33 saves, both regular shots and penalty shots.  Macy had her most saves in a single game during the Eastern Sacred Heart game, with a total of 37 saves.  At the end of such a memorable season, Macy says, “One thing that I am really going to miss is being able to just come to practices and games with my friends, getting to laugh and have a good time with them.

Macy began playing field hockey in the sixth grade at Crosby Middle School.  In addition to playing on Eastern’s Varsity Field Hockey team, she also plays for a club field hockey team during her off seasons.  Her favorite part about playing field hockey is the friends that she has made that are now considered family, and her favorite part about playing goalie is getting to lead her team.

Macy is an incredible field hockey goalie that is loved by all her teammates.  She comes to practice with a smile on her face, and always ready to work hard.  She puts in work both in practice and out of practice, both on the field and off the field.  When watching Macy play, it is evident that she loves the sport.  Macy is proof that hard work, dedication, and the love for what you are doing can lead to great things.


Q & A with the Record Setting Keeper

How long have you played field hockey?

  • This would be my 5th year now playing

Have you always played goalie?

  • I have always played goalie

Who motivates you the most?

  • My mom motivates me most because she loves supporting me and I can always count on her to be there to stop the goals with me

Who is your favorite goalie?

  • Jackie Briggs from the USA national team

Do you hope to play after high school?

  • Yes, I hope to be able to continue to play on after high school

Do you play on a club team?

  • Yes, I play on Stealth, one of the clubs here in Kentucky

What is your favorite memory of being a goalie?

  • My favorite memory would be from this year when our team went into overtime and 3 rounds of strokes and we came out with an awesome win

What do you find your biggest challenge as a goalie?

  • I find it the most difficult mentally because it’s hard to overcome the thought of messing up and letting goals past. Also, it’s very challenging to be in control of all the action going on around the field but also what you’re doing yourself.

Did you know you were in the running for getting the most saves?

  • I didn’t know I was in the running but that made it so much better because I didn’t have to worry about how many I needed to stop.

When did you find out you had the most saves?

  • After our last game of the season.

How do you feel now that you have been awarded most saves?

  • It’s feels great, really awesome that I can say field hockey has impacted my life in so many ways.