Multiple Teams · Kris Cambron Athlete of the Year!

Kris Cambron Penn Station Athlete of the Year Nominee

December finalist

Eastern senior Kris Cambron was nominated for the Penn Station Athlete of the Year Award. He is one of 8 athletes that will be nominated this year. He is only the second person in Eastern High School history to receive this award and the first football player.DSC_0026

Kris gives 110% in everything he does and he doesn’t expect recognition. “All my life I have been told I wouldn’t amount to anything, I have always been told I’m not big enough, strong enough, fast enough to win anything.” DSC_0030Kris was very honored to receive this award and also had this to say, “it’s not always about talent, it’s about how bad you want something, it’s about how much time you’ll put in, it’s about listening to yourself and never letting anyone decide what your future will be.” Kris Cambron has been a part of the varsity football program over the past 4 years and has started 3 out of 4 of his years here and has really left his mark and made a foundation for future eagle. Congrats to Kris Cambron for being a great role model and showing students that if you want something you can’t just wait for it, you have to go take it.

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