Multiple Teams · Gavin Sullivan Signing- University of Louisville Baseball

Eastern Senior Gavin Sullivan signed an NCAA National Letter of Intent on Wednesday to play for the University of Louisville baseball team.

Gavin is a left handed pitcher, who also plays right field and first base.  Gavin is a strong student in addition to his athletic pursuits and was selected by his peers as the Most Attractive in the senior class.

Gavin Sullivan Signing Gallery

Gavin expressed his great appreciation to his teammates, friends, and coaches for the support and encouragement to be successful.  Gavin saved special appreciation for his mother who has been his model of hard work throughout his life.  Pride was evident from friends, family, and Eastern faculty and administrators as many celebrated the day.

Eastern baseball coach TJ Graves had high praise for his ace saying, “This is what happens when hard work meets great talent.”

Athletic Director Matt Girardin encouraged those gathered to appreciate the significance of a baseball player signing with a program like the University of Louisville.  The University of Louisville is a perennial powerhouse in baseball making regular visits to the College World Series in Omaha over the last decade.

Congrats Gavin!  Keep up the good work.