Multiple Teams · 10 Questionwith QB JD Berger

Eastern’s QB JD Berger, will lead the team into the playoffs tonight at North Hardin as the team begins postseason play.  Come support the team at the take on the North Hardin Trojans @ North Hardin.


What position do you play?


What is your Height and weight?

6’4, 200 lbs.

If you were to ride on any dinosaur which one would it be?


Not sure what that is, check it out here:

What is your birthday?

March 10, 1999

Through all four years of football which coach is the most memorable? Why?

Coach Luckett, because of his accent

What is your favorite drink during a movie?

A coke with nugget ice from Thornton’s

Would you ever consider getting shot out of a cannon?


What are your current plans for college?

I am undecided

What is your best memory in a football game?

When I threw a touchdown pass 80 yards to Suge (Sugar Ray Wyche) @ Trinity

What is the reason behind your jersey number that you have kept all four years (Number 10)?

Lifetime type of thing