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Junior Varsity Baseball Schedule & Roster

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Bold = Home Event
Schedule & Results
Date Time Opponent Conf. Away Home Result Details
03.16.20177:45pmBullitt Central High SchoolN MAP
03.17.20177:45pmHoly CrossN
03.18.20171:15pmNorth Oldham High SchoolN MAP
03.20.20175:00pmBallard High SchoolN MAP
03.21.20177:15pmSt. XN MAP
03.24.20175:00pmBullitt East High SchoolN MAP
03.27.20177:15pmNorth Bullitt High SchoolN MAP
03.29.20175:00pmSt. XN
03.31.20175:00pmButler High SchoolN MAP
04.03.2017TBATba (PRP Spring Break Tournament)N
04.04.2017TBATba (PRP Spring Break Tournament)N
04.05.2017TBATba (PRP Spring Break Tournament)N
04.06.2017TBATba (PRP Spring Break Tournament)N
04.07.2017TBATba (PRP Spring Break Tournament)N
04.08.2017TBATba (PRP Spring Break Tournament)N
04.10.20177:15pmMaleN MAP
04.12.20177:15pmBullitt East High SchoolN MAP
04.14.20175:30pmSouth Oldham High SchoolN MAP
04.15.20171:15pmShelby Co.N
04.18.20177:15pmBallard High SchoolN MAP
04.22.201712:15pmDeSales (Desales)N MAP
04.24.20177:15pmCal (CAL)N MAP
04.26.20175:00pmAtherton High SchoolN MAP
04.29.201711:00pmCollins High SchoolN MAP
05.01.20177:15pmHoly CrossN MAP
05.02.20175:00pmManualN MAP
05.03.20177:45pmOldham Co.N MAP
05.08.20177:15pmButler High SchoolN MAP
05.09.20175:30pmSouth Oldham High SchoolN MAP
05.11.20175:30pmNew AlbanyN MAP
05.13.201711:00pmPrp (PRP)N MAP
05.16.20178:15pmCollins High SchoolN MAP
05.17.20177:45pmFairdale High SchoolN MAP
05.19.20175:00pmCal (CAL)N

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